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Welcome back Lavaa Babes! Today we have a little treat for you. We’re showing off a product that is good for ANYONE whether you have lash extensions or bare lashes. This versatile style is called “Independent” and we’re going to break down how we love using them and how they can fit any eye shape.


Personally I’m a huge fan of cluster lashes because it gives me the control to create as much or as little drama as I please. This box of individual lash clusters is organized by 3 lengths in the package. The smallest size at 10mm and largest at 14mm which gives versatility to customize any eye. They are made into three different lengths due to your inner corners being smaller than your outer corner, as well as making a natural lash for the everyday baddie. We want to give you creative control when it comes to these, and that’s why they work on eyes with lash extensions that need to be brought to life, and/or eyes that need a light lash without a strip.

For the lash extension obsessed babes, this is a great 5 min fix for when your lash extensions start to fall. This is a life and money saver so you don’t always have to run right back to the lash studio to be fixed up! Another great reason to have “Independent” on deck is because things always happen when you’re about to go out... Who else has lost lash extensions the night before or day of a big event?! Because same... Having lashes like these will always save your life.

We have our natural baddies who barely wear lashes on the daily, and might be intimidated by full strip lashes. With that you can customize the length to your lashes and eye shape. The best way to blend these is with your favorite mascara first and then place your desired length to the eye. You can gradiate the lashes out or you can just stick to placing a few lashes to the outer corner, it’s entirely up to you.


Lashes are so personal and fun to create with, as you can create a whole new look using different styles and then individuals which give you the upmost customization. We want to see your looks using our lashes and tools from our site! Make sure to tag @lavaabeauty on Instagram and on TIK TOK. We also want to give you guys the best information we can so make sure to connect with us via our social channels, we love you all.💗

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