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Benefits of Half Lashes

Everyone knows how much of a difference lashes make to your face. Some people love the cat eye look with corner lashes while others love a full volume strip lash for a glam look.

We have gathered a few essential tips on the basics of lashes and application, so you can have a better experience playing with lashes.

Tips On Choosing The Right Eyelashes

Keep Your Lashes On..

Lavaa Beauty's lash adhesive will hold your lashes in place during a hot summer day, and even during a dip into the pool. Although the lash adhesive is strong, so is our Dual Liner Adhesive as it is a pigmented black eyeliner and a lash adhesive in one! This eyeliner will keep your lashes secure all day and night.

Less Is Better

Corner lashes add definition to the eyes because they are fuller and more protracted than yours towards the outer corner. You want lashes that will draw attention to your eyes because they are the right shape, and size. Our most popular lashes are the mink lashes which people love because of the close resemblance to human hair.

Learn The Different Types Of Lashes

Strip lashes are the most common because you can apply and remove them yourself. They have the most straightforward application process and can fit many different eye shapes.

Lavaa Beauty has various lashes ranging from natural to more glam including; Individual eyelashes for full customization, faux Brown Lashes as well as the classic Luxury black lashes

Lavaa Beauty has various lashes ranging from natural to more glam. 

Use The Right Tools

Lash application can be tricky at first, but it is not impossible to learn with the right tools. To start learning we recommend our Lash Applicator or Dual Lash Applicator as they both have an easy-grip handle and a precise tip to grasp each lash, to then apply to your eye.

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