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Hot Girl Summer Activated 🔥❤️‍🔥 How To Get Over A Breakup

This season is a time to grow and blossom into the person you want to be. Some of you may be going through a breakup and are ready to get yourself ready for Hot Girl Summer 2022. Now that its Summer we have some suggestions to get through this trying time.

Everyone deals with breakups differently but if you're at all like us, you will definitely feel better with a glow up. Retail therapy isn't just a saying, it is a proven fact that it helps ease your mind and feel brand new! Here's a few items that you need to feel like a hot girl. 

You definitely need a "corner lash trio" and some "black dual liner" for easy application and longwear, for any events or experiences you're going to endure this Summer. Our "Dual Liner" and "Lash Adhesive" will keep you secure and last way longer than he did. You shouldn't have to second guess your partner, but especially your beauty products.

Lastly, to elevate the hot girl mentality you need nails. This gives an instant boost of serotonin. We recommend natural ombre nails such as "French Kiss", "Ombré French", and "Beach Bum" for a clean girl aesthetic. For a fun night out you can try our extra long "Attention", or "Peachy Neon" to make people think you're 100% over your breakup and ready for a rebound! No matter what you choose and what you're going through, you will always be a hot girl. Our team at Lavaa loves you, and can't wait to see you slay Instagram this Summer. 

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