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You may be wondering which products you should try next from Lavaa Beauty. Here are a few that you should check out. Yes, we have a whole assortment of lashes, nails, and makeup. We can't forget our stunning gold tools, easy-to-clean makeup bags (available in two sizes), our Lash book for storage, etc. All of our products need to be luxe and an experience to use.

Let's start with our gold tools which are strong and durable. Our favorites include our Dual Lash Applicator, Cosmetic Scissor, and Lash Curler. Our Dual Lash Applicator has two ends, one being almost a tweezer side to pick up lashes, and the other side is to be used to brush through your lashes or brows. The Cosmetic Scissor is sharp enough to get through the lash strip, tough brow hairs, and any other beauty needs. The Lash Curler is so easy to grip and gives a beautiful soft curl without hurting your natural lashes. 

We are big on organization when it comes to beauty because, I don't know about you, but storing lashes can be hectic. Our Lash Book is the perfect solution to that problem since it gives 12 lash holders in one place so you can place your favorite lashes in a safe and enclosed space so that they can be reused over and over again. Lastly, our makeup bags are the perfect addition for makeup storage or a trip! We have two sizes to choose from, but our large size is definitely our go-to since it can hold all of your daily makeup! 

Don't be shy. Treat yourself! Lavaa Beauty has some of the best tools and accessories to choose from for storage self-care, and they are so easy to clean! Tag us on our social media and let us know which accessory is your favorite!
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