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Corner Lashes

The eyes are classic novels and poetry and corner lashes are the window to the soul. LAVAA lashes offer class, sophistication and beauty for any customer.

The Power of Eyelashes

Your lashes are more than a first line of defense, keeping dust and debris out of your eyes. They accentuate one of your best assets.

Your lashes highlight the color and magnificence of your eyes. A good set of eyelashes turns even the most average eye into a source of mysticism. Artificial lashes bring out the best in anyone.

The Best False Eyelashes

There is no single solution for the perfect lash. Everyone is different. With dozens of products on the market from the natural to the dramatic, the options are endless.

Among the best false eyelashes are:

  • Strip lashes
  • Individual flare lashes
  • Individual single lashes
  • Half false eyelashes

Your favorite product is always the best choice. LAAVA helps you find the ideal lash from the comfort of your own home.

What are half false eyelashes?

Among the more introductory sets of lashes are the half false or corner lash variety. They sit on the outer corner of your eye, adding a subtle finish.

This is in stark contrast to flare lashes which are meant to help you stand out from the crowd. Choosing corner lashes allows you to recreate the smile of your favorite actress without creating a splash.

Easy to Use and Remove

One of the main benefits of corner or half false lashes is their ease of use. This is truly a do-it-yourself option.

They require almost no effort or professional expertise. A simple pair of tweezers, scissors, a mirror, and some adhesive are enough to get started.

Flare Lashes

Flare lashes are large and require the help of an eyelash extensions salon to put on. They create a unique look without a permanent alteration.

Despite the time and experience it takes to put them on, there are do-it-yourself options. These kits require the use of tweezers, adhesive, and remover just like their corner counterparts in addition to a steady hand.

It is best to defer to a professional when choosing this option. You may need to trim your natural lashes.

Choosing Corner Lashes

Many consumers are not looking for a more permanent look but something to accentuate their eyes. The corner lash is perfect in this situation.

This product:

  • Sits at the corner of your eye
  • Helps create sophistication without sacrificing natural beauty

Corner lashes come in a wide variety of styles as well. Choose from Catty, Foxy, Venomous, and more.. LAVAA’s trio kit allows you to jump into the world of artificial eyelashes.

Corner Lashes by LAAVA

If you are looking to start using artificial eyelashes or are simply looking for volume, corner lashes are the perfect option. These products are easy to put on and easy to remove with a small amount of adhesive, a mirror, and tweezers.

Stop by our website and browse our large selection of corner eyelash products. Become the you you deserve.

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