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Everyone knows how much of a difference the lashes make to your face. Some people love the exotic perception of cat eyelashes, while others find that half lashes do the job of adding a little extra spice without looking like they are out of place.

It is essential to master the trickier beauty bits to avoid frustrations like using the wrong pair of lashes, an application that does not stick all day, and other complicated issues. We have gathered a few essential things on the basics of lashes, so you should be able to have an incredibly easier time when shopping half false eyelashes from the Lavaa store.

Tips On Choosing The Right Eyelashes

Choose Water-Proof Lashes

Waterproof lashes will last a long time, including the entire day out in the hot sun. You will appreciate the confidence of knowing that they will stay put as you attend occasions that last several hours of the day and evening. These lashes are suitable for your natural lashes because they will not reap them out as they fall off during the day.

Less Is Better

Corner false eyelashes add definition to the eyes because they are fuller and more protracted than yours. However, they will not enhance your beauty if they are extra long and heavy. You want lashes that draw attention to your eyes because they have just the right shape, size, and material to achieve a realistic look. Our most popular lashes are the mink lashes with a dash of brown color because people love their close resemblance to human hair.

Learn The Different Types Of Lashes

The odds are that people are talking about strip lashes when they talk about any lashes. They are the most common because you can apply and remove them yourself. These strip lashes have the most straightforward application process and can fit many different eye shapes.

Our eyelash extensions salon has several strip lashes with different price points and features. Some have brown hairs to give a more subtle dramatic effect, while others are the typical black if you want it to be evident on lashes.


False eyelashes are great for people who love the look of fuller lashes but do not want the trouble of trying to put them on every other day. A full stack of extensions will cost you a prettier penny, but they are worth it and will give you comparatively better results than others.

Use The Right Applicators

Eye makeup is an art, but it is not impossible to learn all the different tricks for a natural and precise application. Some lashes will look good with minimal eye makeup, such as eye shadow, while others are better accompanied by other things you can also find in our store.

We also have applicators with different shapes and sizes, so look through the site to find something that matches your lashes and preference.

You can consider only a few things to achieve the best eye makeup. Check out our site to find your best false eyelashes and makeup for the most natural or hypnotizing eye makeup.

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