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Lash It Up: Your Guide to Mink Lashes

Did you know that many individuals believe that their makeup look is not complete without a pair of luxurious faux lashes?

Celebrities have utilized false eyelashes for decades. The false eyelash trend has now gone viral and every day people are beginning to lash it up as well!

Are you ready to experience the best lashes on the market? Read our guide on how you can enjoy mink lashes for yourself!

The Best Mink Lashes

Have you been looking for the best mink lashes? Your search is over! Lavaa Beauty only features the best of the best.

If you are ready to lash it up then give our mink lashes a try. Boxycharm users loved these lashes. They come in a variety of styles to enjoy.

Enjoy our mink and faux lashes. Both are available in 3D lash formats and both will dramatically change the fullness of your lashes.

Our Mink Lashes Best Sellers

Mink lashes have been trending for a while and are here to stay. Since they come in multiple varieties, you will never run out of lash options.

Mink lashes from our exclusive 3D mink collection are all best sellers! Each one of the mink lash sets looks great on all eye shapes.

Wispy lashes are possible with any of our mink lashes. Take your time selecting your new favorite style. Remember, you can buy your favorite lash style in bulk!

Your Favorite: 3D Mink Lashes

3D lashes are taking the beauty world by storm. Their dimension and depth can quickly transform everyday looks into glam.

These lashes are available in style varieties, however, each mink lash style provides dramatic results.

Don’t know where to begin your 3D mink lashes journey? Consider trying a set or trio of 3D lashes! These bundles give you multiple lash lengths and styles to enjoy.

Mink hair is valued for its glossy look. Their glossy hair makes for a natural-looking lash installation!

What Are 3D Lashes?

3D lashes are one of the most popular beauty trends for Summer 2021. They are a unique blend of lash technology that blends together to add dimension to your lash line.

Dimensional lashes can be worn alone or incorporated into your natural makeup look. Although 3D lashes look great on bare skin, it also complements any glam look!

3D lashes are a must for luxurious events and celebrations. They have a blend of fibers that creates a natural fluff that is so pretty!

How 3D Lashes Elevate Your Look

3D lashes elevate your look by adding a sense of drama to your style. Any style can be elevated with a pair of 3D lashes.

Pairing 3D lashes with a liner look is a great way to elevate your look. A dual lash liner can come in handy while trying out new lash looks.

If you are going for a natural look consider choosing an invisible lashline. It will look like these lashes are naturally growing from your eyelid.

The 3D Lashes Difference

Rudimentary lashes are not always flattering to your eye shape. 3D lashes, however, can be cut and styled to easily fit your eye shape. That’s the 3D Lashes difference!

Normal lashes can also feature unrealistic lengths and lash separation. Focus your attention on achieving full and evenly spread lashes to create notable lash looks!

Instagram-worthy lash looks feature a subtle winged liner and lots of perfectly curled lashes! Enjoy finding your perfect pair!

Personalize Your 3D Lashes

Did you know that you can personalize any lash look? It’s true! Simply grab a pair of scissors to get started!

Begin by measuring your new pair of 3D lashes to your lashline. How do they compare? If your eyelids are smaller than your lashes then give your 3D lashes a trim!

Trimming your 3D lashed before applying them will protect your natural lashes while creating a natural look!

You can also personalize your lash look by pairing your 3D lashes with a subtle or bold liner. Eyeliner dramatically affects the way your lashes appear.

Try different lash and liner combinations to find the makeup look that is perfect for you! Enjoy experimenting with natural and glam looks as well.

Enjoy Handmade Luxury Lashes

Did you know that most 3D lashes are handmade? This means that they are some of the best quality lashes available on the market.

Enjoy the handmade sense of luxury that 3D lashes can deliver. It takes skill to blend the individual lashes together to create a 3D effect.

Save time layering these lashes by hand by buying a perfect pair that you can easily apply to your lash line!

You can elevate any look by quickly applying a pair of luxury lashes. What lash looks are you excited to try this Fall?

How to Apply Boxycharm 3D Mink Lashes

Applying 3D mink lashes is a smooth process that is easy to master. There are multiple methods you can use to apply your new pair of lashes.

The classic way to apply your lashes requires lash adhesive. Grab your favorite lash glue and tweezers. Your new pair of 3D mink lashes will go on just like a normal pair of eyelashes.

First, you will measure your eyelashes to your lashline. If the lashes are too long then you can trim the lashes. This step will help your 3D mink lashes look as natural as possible.

Next, apply your favorite lash glue and gently press your 3D mink lashes to your lashline. Use the tweezers to adjust any eyelashes. Lastly, rock your new set of mink lashes!

Why Should I Invest in Luxury Lashes?

Luxury lashes are an important beauty investment. If the lashes are properly taken care of, they can be reused again and again!

Investing in luxury lashes can save you money over time. Reusing your lashes is a great way to expand your beauty budget!

The trick is to take great care of your lashes. Buying lashes made from quality fibers is also a wise decision.

That is why 3D and faux mink lashes are great beauty investments. In fact, buying your lashes in a bundle can leave plenty of funds left over for a new liner as well!

Invest in an Easy Everyday Look

Your mink lashes can be used every day. This means you are investing in an easy and affordable everyday look.

Natural beauty can quickly be accentuated by a pair of fluffy lashes. Skip all of the makeup products on days when you don’t have time for glam. A great pair of lashes is all you need!

If you do have extra time, consider pairing your lashes with a sheer gloss and soft highlight. This is the fresh face look you have dreaming of!

Lash Brands: Quality Over Quantity!

Does investing in a lash brand sound expensive? Think about it this way, you are investing in quality over quantity!

New lash trends surface every Summer, however, 3D mink lashes are always in style. Instead of wasting money on faulty lash trends, stick with what looks great!

The good news is, you can stock up on your favorite boutique’s lashes by purchasing a bundle of your favorite styles.

Make sure that you have plenty of lashes in stock so that you can create a signature look that you can repeat. Slay every day with your own custom lash look!

Lash Length Matters: 25mm Mink Lashes

The latest lash trends have been all about volume and length. Are your lashes in need of a lift? Try out a new lash length of your favorite mink lashes.

Mink 3D lashes are a blend of various shapes, lengths, and sizes that creates their signature dimension.

Don’t worry, understanding lash lengths and sizes does not have to be complicated or confusing.

Enjoy the process of trying out multiple lashes that appeal to your sense of style. Remember, different lash lengths can be appropriate for different moods!

Invest in Your Self-Expression

Lashes are a terrific form of self-expression that adds a sense of drama to everyday looks. Investing in a pair of luxury lashes is a great way to invest in yourself.

Lashes can be worn on their own or become the finishing touches of your favorite makeup looks.

They can be dressed up or down depending on what your desired look for the day is. If you are interested in cultivating a glamorous look, consider layering lashes to create a stacked effect.

For example, mink lashes create a natural effect due to their glossy nature. These lashes are great for layering and stacking as well!

Have You Heard of Mink Lashes?

Are you wondering why mink lashes are so popular? Mink lashes have quickly become popular due to how great they look!

These lashes are long-lasting and instantly add a sense of luxury to every look. Natural makeup lovers will love how seamless these lashes integrate into your lashline.

Mink lashes are available in a variety of styles and levels of drama. Remember, quality lashes can be reusable if you take care of them properly!

Mink Lashes Are Fan Favorites!

Mink lashes have become fan favorites for a reason. Not only are they reusable, but they are also customizable.

Mink lashes can be customized to your eye shape with a quick trim. Then they can be used again and again!

These lashes are also available in a 3D option that creates beautiful amounts of volume and definition to your lash line.

The History of the Mink Lash Trend

Boxycharm lashes have a long history of use and have become staple products to many fans. Mink lashes are particularly valuable due to their natural look.

Mink lashes have been used for years by celebrity makeup artists. Now the everyday makeup lover has access to these trade secrets!

Mink lashes are very popular so be sure on your favorite pair before they are all gone! You can order your favorite pair of mink lashes in a bundle format so that you are always prepared!

Investing in Wholesale Mink Lashes

Investing in wholesale mink lashes is the most cost-effective option for makeup lovers who like to ball on a budget.

Wholesale products are discounted when you buy in large quantities. This helps both you and the supplier cut out the middleman. Support your favorite lash artisans by ordering a bundle of mink lashes!

Who said buying wholesale lashes had to be confusing or complicated? Your favorite mink lash providers make it easy for you to order multiple sets of mink lashes at wholesale prices.

Simply choose your desired amount of mink lashes and the wholesale discount will automatically be added to your account.

Mink Lashes Makeup Looks

Mink lashes makeup looks can easily be elevated to meet your style goals. Enjoy natural makeup looks with soft browns and nudes.

Simply use a brown color palette of eyeshadows to achieve this makeup look, don’t forget your new pair of mink lashes as well!

Many fans enjoy a soft brown eyeliner that easily blends into your lashline. This creates a natural shadow behind your long mink lashes.

Your new pair of mink lashes can also be the bold finishing touch that you need to elevate your look into luxury status.

No glam look is complete without a pair of 3D lashes! Mink lashes can give your glam makeup a polished look that you will love!

What Are Faux Mink Lashes?

Faux mink lashes use synthetic fibers to create a dramatic sense of fluffy lashes. Faux mink lashes can be applied and styled the same way that mink lashes can.

Faux mink lashes are a more cost-effective option to enjoy on a daily as well. Faux mink lashes provide a similar sense of luster and shine to your lashline.

Don’t take our word for it, compare mink and faux lashes together to see for yourself! Which one do you think you’ll prefer?

Conscious Consumers and Faux Lashes

Conscious consumers will be delighted to invest in a product that is cruelty-free. Anyone who wants to create a sustainable lifestyle should consider investing in faux mink lashes.

Beauty starts within. Spread your self-love to your beauty products and try these trendy lash sets!

Faux lashes will forever change your beauty routine. They easily apply and add depth and dimension to your lashline.

Find comfort in your purchase whenever you order faux mink lashes. They are a lash staple you can count on!

Faux Mink Lashes Longevity

Faux mink lashes are a wonderful investment due to their longevity properties. If you properly take care of faux mink lashes, you can use them for weeks at a time.

Begin by removing all of the lash adhesives on your lashes after every use. Soak them in the cleaning solution of your choice.

Allow this solution to remove all of the residues on your lashes. Daily wear of your lashes can accumulate dirt and oil.

Refresh your faux mink lashes before and after every use so that you can maintain their quality. Lashes that are well-maintained can be reused again and again!

The Faux Mink Lash Trend

Faux mink lashes have been trending on social media platforms like Instagram. The faux mink lash trend is affordable on any beauty budget.

Faux mink lashes are also very easy to obtain. You can find social influencers advertising faux mink lashes by searching the hashtag “faux mink lashes”.

Try out this trend for yourself to see just how much fun faux mink lashes can be! They elevate the experience of every look.

Faux mink lashes also come in the 3D mink lash style. This way you can experience dimensional lashes in any lash material!

Perfect Individual Lashes Every Time

Are you a fan of individual lash applications? Individual lash sets give you complete control over the shape, density, and dimension your lashes have.

Are you craving perfect lashes every time? Consider investing in a bundle of individual mink lashes.

Don’t worry, understanding how to apply mink lashes does not have to be a complicated skill to master.

In fact, you apply individual lashes in a similar way that you apply strip lashes. Begin by applying your lashes to the base of your lashline.

Create the eye shape that you desire or simply trace your own eye shape with your lashes. Be patient with yourself as you develop this new lash installation technique!

The Benefits of Mink Individual Lashes

Individual lashes and last clusters are applied by a professional lash artist at their studio. However, you can now bring the lash studio home with you.

There is a wide variety of benefits that mink individual lashes offer beauty lovers. Individual and cluster lashes are fully customizable and allow you to create any shape that you enjoy.

An added benefit of mink individual lashes is that you can easily replace lashes that fall out. That means you can wear your mink individual lashes for extended amounts of time.

Enjoy freshening up your lashline whenever you’d like with a new set of mink individual lashes. You can do your own touchups whenever they are needed by bringing the lash studio to you!

Don’t Forget About the Lower Lash Line

The lower lashline is often forgotten about by recent makeup trends. Did you know that you can apply lashes to your lower lashline as well?

Individual mink lashes are especially popular for the lower lash line look. This is because the lower lashline is shorter and requires less lash length.

You can, however, trim your strip lashes to fit your lower lash line. There are a variety of ways you can use your lashes so take great care of them all year long!

Seasonal Styles for Mink Lashes

Did you know that mink lashes are fashionable every season? Big and fluffy lashes are always a seasonal trend.

In fact, every season focuses on a different lash look. Have you experimented with seasonal lash trends?

Mink lashes can be customized to every season, outfit, and makeup aesthetic. Enjoy creating new lash looks throughout the year!

Subtle Glam for Spring

Spring lashes are often softspoken and look as natural as possible. Springtime is a time of muted pastels and soft neutrals.

Invisible band lashes are a great choice if you want to create a soft springtime look. Pair your new 3D mink lashes with a pop of pink on the lips and cheeks!

Don’t forget to add a neutral highlighter as well! This will create a dewy Springtime effect on your skin.

Sultry Summer Lash Ideas

Hot girl Summer is still here! Accentuate your natural beauty with a waterproof liner and a bold pair of mink lashes.

Consider using a lash adhesive liner to apply your mink lashes. Adhesive liner sticks are portable for your long days out in the sun!

Finish off your look with fiery red lipstick and some faux freckles for perfectly simple summer glam makeup.

Fall in Love With Your Lashes

Autumn is a majority of makeup lovers’ favorite season! Not only can you enjoy cool weather that protects your makeup but you can also enjoy Halloween glam!

Fall is the best time to invest in 3D mink lashes. You will need a good stock on hand as you complete Halloween makeup challenges.

Now is the perfect time to try large 3D lashes that you are not normally comfortable wearing every day!

Warm Up With Winter Lashes

Mink lashes can help keep us warm through the winter months! We normally spend most of our winters inside with nowhere to go.

Who says you can’t get glammed up for your staycation? Allow your 3D mink lashes to guide your makeup look this Winter.

You may be surprised at what looks you can create while it’s cold outside. Let your creativity run wild and inspire the seasons to come!

Ready to Try Mink Lashes?

Now you know all about mink lashes! Are you ready to invest in a pair and see the difference for yourself?

Remember, your new pair of mink lashes can be customized to your eye shape so that you get 100% natural results.

Lavaa Beauty has a wide selection of luxurious 3D, mink, and faux lashes available. Shop Now to receive the latest deals and wholesale discounts on the lashes that you love!

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