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Step-by-Step Guide for How to Use a Lash Applicator

Everybody loves having dark, luscious lashes. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world is blessed with them.

If you are dissatisfied with your lashes, you need to do something about it.

False eyelashes could be the solution to your lifelong problem, but you might be having a hard time getting them on.

A lash applicator could help you, and we can teach you the right way to use it.

What Is a Lash Applicator

Lash applicators are a must if you are looking to get into the false eyelash fashion fad.

A lash applicator tweezer will flawlessly apply false eyelashes to your lid hassle-free. If you try to apply them with just your fingers or other tools, it will fail.

This tool can help beginners or advanced beauty gurus when dolling themselves up. If you want to add some pop to your eyes but always have trouble with false eyelashes, you should consider a lash applicator.

How To Put Them On

There are a few steps to consider when putting on your lashes and using a lash applicator. It's important to follow these steps so your lashes will fit you perfectly.

STEP 1: Choose Your Fit

Not all false lashes are the same. This is why it's important to choose the ones that you are looking for and that will match the aesthetic you want.

We have a large array of different false lashes to choose from. There's no need to worry about having eyelashes that won't blend with the rest of your fit.

Maybe you are going for a flirty look? Choosing what you want will help you get the results you want.

STEP 2: Trim

Some people may not want their false eyelashes to be as big and bold as they come. If you want to, you can trim them to your desired length. You can even measure them against your normal eyelashes to see how they would look.

When trimming, you want to have a plan of how they should look, and not just chop them in a haphazard motion. Be careful not to cut them straight across, as that will not look natural. Let them be a little uneven at different lengths, so it looks right.

The way you style your lashes can make or break the look.

STEP 3: Make Your Plan

Don't just go and try to stick them on with no plan in mind. Look at your eye and think about how you want the lashes to look and where you will place them. You want to make sure they look as natural as possible and blend into your actual eyelashes.

STEP 4: Curl

In order for your eyelashes to blend and adhere well, curl them before you place the false lashes on. This will give it a more natural and organic look so that it will be less obvious that you applied false lashes.

STEP 5: Apply the Adhesive

False lashes don't just go on by themselves. You have to have an adhesive element to make sure the lashes stay on and adhered.

You can either use a magnetic eyeliner if the lashes are magnetic, or you can use adhesive glue that will come with your lashes.

If you are using glue, dip the spine of the eyelash in the glue or apply it in a different way of your choice. Once the glue is on the eyelash, let it sit for a few seconds. This will let it dry slightly and become tackier.

STEP 6: Use Your Lash Applicator Tool

Once the lash glue is tacky, or the magnetic eyeliner has been put on, take your lash applicator and pick up your false eyelash.

Place the lash onto your eye line, starting at the middle and pressing out to the corners. Once it is securely on, use the lash applicator to firmly press it in and ensure that it adheres.

STEP 7: Beautify

Finally, apply a coat of mascara to your eyelashes to help blend your natural lashes and false lashes together. Put a thin coat so it doesn't clump and ruin the eyelashes. The false eyelashes you chose should already have a bolder look, so the last coat of mascara is really just to help them blend with your natural lashes.

What Are The Benefits of False Lashes?

So, why do people use false lashes? Why should you use them?

People normally won't wear false lashes on a daily basis, but on special occasions, they can prove to be helpful to enhance a look.

False eyelashes can add an extra touch to your face makeup and make your eyes stand out more. Even if you want to skip on the full face of makeup, applying false eyelashes can be easy and be a good substitute for going all out.

They can especially be helpful on a rainy or emotional day when you have an inkling your makeup might run. False lashes won't run and cause raccoon eyes, saving you from the embarrassment and constant touching up.

If you struggle with very small natural lashes, or you shed them more often, false lashes can help you be more confident in who you are. You can love your eyes and enhance your look all in one.

Why Should I Use a Lash Applicator?

Why should you use a lash applicator? Why not just normal tweezers?

Lash applicators are specifically designed to make your lash application 10x easier. Using tweezers will still require maneuvering, fixing, and sometimes come out with an uneven or twisted result. Last applicators have pincers that are shaped to hold your lashes and ensure they stick on flawless.

Using tweezers or just your fingers can make the application process much more draining. If you are running late for something, a lash applicator can get the job done while looking good too.

Where Can I Get One?

Are you reading this and realizing it's time to invest in a tool that will save you time and energy? You can get your lash applicator right now and simplify your makeup process for good. Shop now at

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